about haiku (2)

Writing about ‘writing haiku’ captured my imagination.  I woke up scribbling yesterday morning:

poems float

in the breeze

haiku-dusted sky

from hill to valley

rushing waters

cleansing tears

a word plops

on a silent pond

haiku ripple

This is my second response to Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu Special #1 “The Poet’s Craft”. In this Carpe Diem Haiku Kai episode, guest writer, Kim Russell, invites us to write haiku about writing haiku.

10 thoughts on “about haiku (2)

      1. Well I don’t know enough about Ginsberg to pull him in but if I was nominating people for a Creative Haiku Blogger award you would be on the list and if Ginsberg didn’t agree he would be off the list 😉


      2. Oh. Thank You so very much for your generous words and encouragement, Janice. I do find myself smiling whenever Writing, especially trying my hand and creativeness at something New.

        I can certainly say with 100% that your Haiku/American Sentences are so Awesomely Brilliant! (@–>–) (@–>–)

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