In early Starhawk days,

when ‘Spiral Dance’

trickled consciousness,

we were soundmakers

a musical community —

a collective we called it,

in basements and flats

hand drum drummers

reed tone wailers

guitar string strummers

keyboard ramblers

bursting with passion,

bursting with sound,

an oasis

in disparate lives

an alternate reality


like seeds in the wind,

we dispersed

leaving wistful memories.

Now I sense your spirits

in this cyber world.

Poet wordcrafters,

we span the globe,

imaginations soar

ink sticks roar,

keys tap dance,

cursors out-pour


being human in

a material world.

©2017 Ontheland

‘Community’ is the theme of Tuesday Poetics at dVerse, hosted by Paul Scribbles, his first night as member of the dVerse facilitating team.  In his post Paul includes a Starhawk quote describing a beautiful vision of community which reminds me of parallels I feel between a musical community of my past and, in my present, dVerse and the broader blogosphere.

21 thoughts on “Spirals

  1. To think the cyber world was first assembled in a basement (or garage?), your poem superposes reality in a fascinating way. Particularly like your “keys tap dance” — though I’d be a two-left-legged dancer abusive on the backspace.

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  2. I like the way you connect the energy of those days of music with the poetry online now. There is a connection. I can see that now you describe it so well.

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