Packets of hope: Chamomile

By Alvesgaspar (via Wikimedia commons)


fairy dust and

April rain, dream white stars

with golden hearts, entice

scents of yellow teas,

seduce and dream

sweet chamomile.

I’m planting German chamomile seeds for the first time this year.  The seeds are so tiny you can barely pinch them for sprinkling (I let them slide off a piece of paper).  The dried flowers, alone or combined with other herbs, are steeped to make relaxing teas.




15 thoughts on “Packets of hope: Chamomile

    1. I find it’s a matter of luck having all the right conditions coming together. If I get blooms I ‘ll certainly be doing pictures…The good news with these plants is that once you do get blooms they self seed….I love self seeders 🙂

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  1. We are getting lovely drizzly rain here to. It is so dreamy sometimes. Your poem makes me wish I had some chamomile to accompany the weather.

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      1. I’ve been planting out sprouted potatoes today. We are heading into winter over here so I’m not sure if they’ll do much good. They had sprouted in the cupboard. Happy gardening 🙂

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  2. I saw a TV gardening programme where they made a zen garden and planted a chamomile lawn with over a thousand little seedlings – I was quite smitten with the idea but haven’t managed to convince my husband of its practicality – yet!! 😀 Have fun making your tea with the seeds..bliss!

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    1. I imagine they would create a pretty lawn…if you plant just a few you never know they might just spread if they like the conditions (they release a lot of seeds if you let the flowers dry on the stems)… 😉

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