A walk with Bentley

Birds sound in the trees,

young sparrows hop on fresh moss

a rabbit nibbles,

Bentley looks on in silence,

Such a peaceful evening.

©2017 Ontheland

7 thoughts on “A walk with Bentley

    1. Thanks Denis. I actually did take some shots with Bentley amazingly patiently waiting beside me. Normally he barks at wildlife. It did occur to me that perhaps he did not detect the tiny birds and rabbit because of their dull colours blending in and the distance…I might have tried to creep closer but there was a stream from flooding in the way…and typically rabbits do run before you get close enough…my phone camera’s ‘vision’ is not as good as mine so I didn’t find the photos to be post worthy. When all is said and done I don’t mind the challenge of conveying an image with words alone although if I had a non blurry photo to show I would :))

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