I travelled miles

to these

Northern lands

to make a nest

a place to rest

and now I run

from booming thunder

gusting snow and

flashing guns

my flock torn


scattered and strewn

I hear them call.

©2017 Ontheland

* The white flecks in the photo are snowflakes.  Two days ago we had thunder and downpour at night and gusting snow next day.  The bird far off in the sky is a Canada goose.

9 thoughts on “Torn

      1. Well, I can tell you from the ones that winter over here in PA (we have a lot of geese that live here year around, all over the place in parks and so on) that I have no idea. Because during a storm they seem to know how to conceal themselves, maybe in the brush or woods? and stay sheltered. They are always out the next day.

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      2. Interesting that geese stay in winter. I heard that it was starting to happen in the city (Toronto) but I was never clear ‘why’


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