A global tragedy

If you are anything like me, you hear about events in the news while in the middle of doing something else and therefore catch only half the story. You might catch the other half on subsequent airings or you might be left with only a vague impression. If you are interested in a concise summary of how the United States government is reversing climate protection laws, designed to meet obligations under a SIGNED International Agreement, please read on.

7 thoughts on “A global tragedy

  1. I heard that news last night too. It is appalling. I just hope the Turnbull Government over here in Oz doesn’t decide to follow suit. Sometimes I get really despairing about the state of the world and the ignorant fools who are given positions of immense power. I’ve been thinking I should join Twitter – it seems to a better way of getting a message out to a lot of people than Facebook.

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    1. Appalling is the word. In a world where leadership and responsible governance is sorely lacking I hope there isn’t a matching backslide. I’m not sure but it feels like it’s happening here in Canada…time will tell. You may have been joking about Twitter but I heard recently that it is well used by social activists….but the sad thing is that Trump has been imitating the activist rhetoric as if he has/is a ’cause’ as if he is hard done by.


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