Floating away

before our eyes:

balloons of hope

for newness,

for governance,

caring for people

caring for earth and air,

snatched by a musty wind,

a cyber cloud

of speech bubbles,

A fog of sound bites,


a century-old system

churning out

 ballooning growth.

©2017 Ontheland

A quadrille for dVerse Poets Pub (balloon).  I wrote this poem after reading about President Trump’s plans to dismantle Clean Power Plan regulations and to reverse other measures to reduce carbon emissions.  One article about this can be found at The Washington Post website.

31 thoughts on “Expedience

  1. That man lives in ‘a cyber cloud / of speech bubbles, / A fog of sound bites’ and he thinks he can use it to pull the ‘fake fog’ news over our eyes – but we balloons rise above it! Well expressed, Janice!

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    1. Thank you Denis. I guess the whole world is being trumpeted these days. You don’t want to notice but we all need to know what’s going on. Hopefully something will stop it all.

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  2. loved the balloons of hope you have in your heart for a better world, though we live among those who stay within their bubble oblivious to the damage they do with the power they wield. you have a gentle spirit from the words you weave. – Gina

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