Moon in tree


On earth

when elements

align (pale waning moon

lingers in naked branches) just

after sunrise when neapolitan

pastels sink to the horizon,

eyes blink and awe is the

only response

on earth.

©2017 Ontheland

The contours of the waning moon were clearly visible—my phone camera reveals only a very tiny patch of light behind the upper branches next to an abandoned bird nest.

I used Rictameter verse form for this nine-line poem adhering to syllable count:

2 4 6 8 10 8 6 4 2.

12 thoughts on “Moon in tree

  1. A beautiful and serene photograph and poem – I do like this unusual format and it works so well. Wonderful ending with how you started giving a sense of peace and balance. I had to smile at your ‘neapolitan pastels’, so original, so perfect! Well done, Janice!😀

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