A quadrille for spring

We feel it coming

as daylight hours

grow and nights retreat.

It’s spring when ice jaws

crack to burst waters free.

It’s springtime when tree buds

swell, a lone songbird calls.

It’s springing time at last

when air is fair and

warm blood rejoices.

© 2017 Ontheland


In a quadrille for the  dVerse Poets Pub quadrille event held every second Monday, I try to reflect my sense of the gradual process of spring in this Northern temperate location (Eastern Ontario, Canada). We are in a pre-spring time here, waiting for temperatures to stay above zero long enough for new growth to fully begin.

I also play with the name of this season, once known as ‘springing time’, then ‘springtime’ and now, most commonly as ‘spring’.

The photo, taken a few days ago, shows a creek not far from where I live.


24 thoughts on “A quadrille for spring

  1. I love the gradual movement of the fist three lines of your Quadrille, Janice, up to the sudden ‘ice jaws / crack to burst waters free’ – it’s not an easy thing to build a surprise into a short poem! I also love the phrase ‘springing time’.

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