Ice cream

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A frozen dessert

commonly known as ‘ice cream’—

strange ingredients!

Most of us know that our food is packed with hidden preservatives and magic chemicals to create just the right flavors and textures.  PALM OIL recently came to my attention.  Did you know that about 50% of packaged supermarket items contain palm oil or a derivative?  It’s the derivative part that catches you if you want to avoid palm oil as there are many chemicals out there that are usually made of palm oil (such as propylene glycol). There are several lists of palm oil derivatives on the internet—one is provided by Palm Oil Investigations.

Another key fact (besides the prevalence of palm oil derivatives) is that global production of palm oil doubled over the last 10 years.  It seems to be used in all kinds of products.  Palm oil trees are typically grown on large plantations which are established after clearing tropical forests, often with fire.  These massive clearings destroy animal and human habitats (homes of orangutans, elephants, tigers and rhinos, for example) and seriously reduce the planet’s ability to absorb CO2.

15 thoughts on “Ice cream

  1. Loss of biodiversity due to the preference for cash crops to the exclusion of naturally occurring flora has a devastating affect on the fauna, the micro-climate, and Climate change is part of the cascade effect. Nice piece, Janice. So true.

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  2. Absolutely staggering! I feel as if the consumer is being conned non-stop and it is almost impossible to buy with consideration and knowledge. Thanks for sharing this important information….I’ll look out for it and try to avoid!

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  3. Great haiku and story Janice. We make ice cream and the ingredients are simple, no chemicals or poisons or habitat destroying palm oil. If we all stopped eating these artificial foods pumped full of artificial ingredients ………………….

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    1. That’s great making your own ice cream..I had looked into it in the past but I am now revisiting it … some recipes use whipping cream which is full of chemicals here and there is also condensed milk which I’ll have to look into….many of us have been caught by produced foods due to lack of prep time and then lost knowledge…


  4. You’re absolutely right! So many issues associated with palm oil production and it’s because of this I have recently cut it out of my diet (or am using products that contain solely sustainable palm oil)

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    1. I’ve been avoiding palm oil and additives likely derived from it. It’s amazing how many products become no longer acceptable (actually it steers you away from items that have other undesirable ingredients as well and towards healthier selections)

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