Lakeside properties


A grand waterway, our inland sea

ice sheets nudging rolling waves glimpsed

fleetingly from the highway

lined by steep guardrailed cliffs

miles of private homes

and a small park.

Don’t miss it

as you




for ‘Lakeside’,

the new ‘Village’.

It’s on Roadway Six,

that goes down to the lake,

to the old lakeside highway.

No sign of lake near your new home?

Stroll to the Six and look down the hill.



The Tuesday theme at dverse Poets Pub is Suburbia.  On the way home today I decided to join two themes that baffle me.  The first one is the inaccessibility of major rivers and lakes that are bordered by high speed roadways or taken over by private ownership.  No wonder so many people don’t appreciate our beautiful waterways as they are blocked and concealed by private interests.  The second theme is my sardonic disbelief every time I see this new housing development called ‘Lakeside Village’.  These homes are in the general area of Lake Ontario, but are not lakeside as there is a major stretch of distance (with no sidewalk), a highway, and other private properties in between.

©2017 Ontheland



25 thoughts on “Lakeside properties

  1. Those same things often baffle me, as well! Although I must say at the “Riverview” adult complex near me you can actually go down to the river, though most of the houses and apartments do not actually have a view of it. Recently Philadelphia has been trying to make the rivers areas more recreational.

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    1. I became acutely aware of lack of access in my relatively new area where I am in close driving distance from the lake with scant access (quick great views from the car make me want more) … I am glad Riverview people can get to their river. I worry about the people who buy into the Lakeside Village.

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    1. Only one very small park in this particular area and most people would have to access it by car….unfortunate…in some cities too much beautiful waterfront is blocked (with of course some people pushing for change.)

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  2. I totally get what you mean, I am baffled by the actions you describe as well. I also dislike when such beauty is being taken away when it is free, and made to be an asset. I guess it will never change until we do like I forgot now who, who bought a part of the Amazon forest, to preserve it.
    I would love to one day own a property with a lake and let everyone come to the lake, sunbathe, swim, eat ice-cream. They would pay me with their tales, and smiles.

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  3. I like the way you tackled your two pet peeves. I can relate to what you’re say too. I have a friend that lives in a community called ‘The Beaches’ and there’s no beach in sight. It would take her at least half an hour to get to a beach. Go figure!

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    1. Thanks Jane. Criminal is right… Or it should be illegal…the whole historical process of claiming ownership is bizarre — native peoples of course know that but the grabbing and destruction of essential elements of nature such as bodies of water affects everyone.


      1. So true. Things that belong to nobody. We can’t even say they belong to everybody because they don’t. The Saharan Africans who have no water would be laughed out of court if they even suggested it.

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      2. I’m not sure we can get back to the notions of respect and non-ownership that many early peoples had. Greed and selfishness is too much a part of modern life. That’s why we need so many laws. We don’t do things simply because it’s ‘right’ or ‘honourable’.

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  4. A long time ago I lived in Florida, and have memories of wide open spaces, blue skies and waving palms. On a return I was appalled that it seemed everywhere there were strip malls, parking lots, and suburbia, and the words of the song “They’ve paved paradise, and made it a parking lot” came to mind. Your words touched a chord with me! Thank you

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