Winter’s reign

Halfway through winter

days of frozen reign

tossed snow flakes floating

up, down, and sideways

chickadees flitter

rabbits huddle as

sunlight shuffles a

sky flashed by starlings.

Quiet winter rests,

spring always follows.

©2017 Ontheland

I’m trying to connect to reality here in Ontario, Canada.  The first day of spring arrives on March 20.  Last year I started feeling anxious for spring way too early so this year I looked at the calendar and counted the days.  Each season is roughly three months long and we’ve had a month and a half of winter so far.  We’re just past halfway–why not enjoy it for what it is? (I just persuaded myself–how about you?)

20 thoughts on “Winter’s reign

    1. The Spring equinox is March 20 here. Of course the seasons are fluid in reality–even when we get snow in April or May ( it does happen) the rays of the sun are around for more hours. I’m just trying to reign myself in as I tend to anticipate …less painful to just go with what is.


  1. The day light is lasting a little longer here in NYC which makes me very happy. I can only take pitch black at 4pm for only so long. This winter, though it’s had its moment has not been too bad here.

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