Ancient turtles,

basking on a verdant log,

stretch up to the sun.

©2017, Ontheland

The backstory:  Turtles are on my mind—I recently received an email notifying me that all but one species of Ontario turtles are facing possible extinction.  Snapping turtles are particularly at risk as hunting them is still permitted, their wetland habitats have diminished and they are often killed on roadways.  I read recently that turtles are among the oldest of reptiles, having evolved millions of years ago. This seems to make them even more precious.


 Common Snapping Turtle by Dakota L. (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The first photo is in the public domain and made available by Pixabay.com.

11 thoughts on “Turtles

  1. Always, when I’m kayaking, I watch for turtles, hoping to to get close enough for a sharp, clear photo before they plop from a log into the water. I make a point of getting on the water at least once a month, but the turtles are out of site by late November. We do get an occasional 65° day during the winter, here in Missouri, but the turtles are well hidden by then. I had a nice surprise two weeks ago, when I saw two of them on a log.

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    1. I enjoy spotting turtles too. Around here near wetlands you have to watch out for them on the road. My partner, more experienced with handling snapping turtles, has gotten out of the car and moved a few to safety.

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  2. Extinction of flora an fauna seems to be a problem that the average person just don’t understand or, even think about., even with regard to the human race. Mind you I am aware that some governments are of the same ilk. Scientists in general, believe that 1’000 years and some even sooner, that the point of no return will be reached. Regardless we, they, should all be striving toward striking a balance between our needs and, probably more important those of the planet.
    Look forward to seeing more photos of turtles in the wild. Take care – Mick

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    1. The number of species at risk is increasing at an alarming rate. I recently heard that primates are disappearing…we are primates and at the rate we’re going we’ll be on the list too.

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  3. I so fell for these creatures whilst in Florida. They have a hard life I realised, seeing their nightly trek up and down the beach and all the dangers they faced. Sad to learn so many face extinction and unbelievable that hunting is still permitted. Lovely, positive poem based on the photo – they do look contented in the sun.

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