Life is poetry

Life is poetry

Life is music

Life is art, dance….

Each speck

Each peccadillo

Each laugh, each tear

Each flower

Each breath

Each moment

Each eternity


Is poetry

a river of being


River and spray,

Flame and ash,

Song and echo,

Home and journey,

Everything and

nothing at all.

©2017, Ontheland

If feelings of déjà vu are coming up for you, you may  have heard Cid Corman’s three-line poem titled ‘The Call’ (at the link scroll down to find the poem–it opens with ‘Life is poetry’. Or you may have heard these words attributed to Leonard Cohen:  ‘Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash’. Both Cid Corman’s poem and Leonard Cohen’s quote resonate with me.


5 thoughts on “Life is poetry

  1. Wow, Janice, this is superb – profound, moving with its deceptively simple structure which is so effective. I just love the pulse and beat of the single word lines – giving a pause to think, absorb. I’m saving this in my file ‘quotation’ file! 😀


  2. I like how everything just flows, every word is right into place, makes you think over it, while you move on with the next line. Simplicity is the hardest and the purest expression of art there is, great work 🙂

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