Altered perception


Michaela Sagatova – “New Beginnings At The Ends Of The Earth”


Time and space dissolve,

moons and planets

draw near—

we are not alone.

What is invisible

becomes palpable,

love ethers

permeate empty space,

spirit realms open

an arm’s length away.

Broad snowflakes

drift gently down—

imitating a snow globe,

a frost-framed window,

a greeting card.

A young mind

time travels for

a flash reunion

behind scratched spectacles—

what was then joins now,

at least, for a moment.

©2017 Ontheland

Michaela Sagatova, the artist behind the art shown above, gave permission to Mish at dVerse to include her art as part of Poetics New Beginnings posted on January 3.  For more information about her work, please visit  A series of recent experiences culminated with this poem– partly inspired by images, such as Sagatova’s, that pierce the veil of outer space.


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