Public Domain from Pixabay https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/09/01/19/53/pocket-watch-1637392_640.jpg
Public Domain from Pixabay

Clock hand shifts,

digits blink,

grains sift through


sundial time

shadows fall,



lunar sphere

waxes wanes,

seasons pass

kigo notes,

sun journeys

over sky,

fresh blossoms

fade to dust,


hum in chimes,

hairs turn grey,

thin and fall,

candles burn,

marking time……

Sitting here all evening—will I save time?

‘I have many minutes but not so many years left’

(elderly man in grocery lineup).

When I rush frantically, how much time have I lost?

 ©2016 Ontheland

In response to dVerse Poets Pub: ‘It’s all in the timing’—ruminations from Tuesday evening.


18 thoughts on “Time

  1. LOVE this! Love “pendumlums hum in chimes” and especially the final question! It’s a doozie! As in….what do I miss seeing when I’m running so frantically??? Are there “chunks” of time that just bounce off me if I’m rushing around? Really like this one! Thanks for posting!

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  2. I felt that way last night, and the day before… Seems i’m in the grocery line every day. Good thing smart phone have video games on them. Time marches mercifully before me, not that many hairs left. Thanks for sharing such a fine verse

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  3. Slow time can be rich but pressures get in the way of enjoyment…I think we are more able to savour minutes when we feel the proximity of death…on that merry note, thanks for commenting 🙂


  4. Merry note indeed. LOL! But I love how you structured this poem, and the inners of it. Nothing wasted here….straight to the point…and especially loved the elderly man in the grocery line. Nice, Janice. I like the stripped down poetry.

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