Shapeshifter—December Full Moon

Winter winds roar.

White lantern swings from heavy billows,

once a sharp crescent, now rotund orb,

a shapeshifter guides nightly wanderers,

Winter winds roar.

My companion waxes, grows brighter still,

floods frozen fields in its twilight glow,

hours to fly on a long winter’s night as

winter winds roar.

©2016 ontheland

Full moon night is Tuesday  December 13, but there is usually a good view on the night before and the night after, as well as the ‘night of’.  And it will be (for the third month in a row) a supermoon, slightly brighter and larger than usual due to its closeness to the earth.

Many of us can’t plan when we will get a chance to look at the moon, but for those who can, the moon is said to appear particularly large when it is near the horizon at moonrise and moonset.  In the Northern Hemisphere, December Full Moon is known as Full Cold Moon or Long Nights Moon.  Recent days have been very short as nights become longer and longer. This process will peak on December 21,  Winter Solstice, the longest night.

9 thoughts on “Shapeshifter—December Full Moon

      1. I have vivid memories, though I left NY in “88.
        I neglected to say nice poem. Sorry. Your poem gave me the Chillies where I usually get the Willy Nillys, and, well… they made me silly. Stay warm.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A reaction is a compliment 🙂 and now I know it took you back to your Northern chilly days…maybe winter poems could be like cool air conditioning for you 😉


      3. Maybe most of the year, but it’s cool enough here in TX for me right now. The blood thins over 30 years and with age it seems. But I do have fond memories of snowball fights, igloo attempts, snowmen (persons☺) and ski trips. So, yes. And thank you.

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