Incoherent scrawls

never to be read

(by an other)

only inscribed

hidden and shredded.

How many pages

were scarred

by young desperation

scratching wildly

as sliding innocence



for elusive meaning,

for self buried deep,

wading through salty waters

to find ephemeral light.

©2016 ontheland

In response to dVerse Quadrille #22: Scars

16 thoughts on “Journal

  1. I still write many notes myself that I don’t get time to re-read. I tear off the pages and eventually they pile on my desk until I get tired of looking at them. Eventually I pick them up for the recycling bin, but having written them once may have been their value.

    I enjoyed your quadrille.

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    1. Yes I think the writing at least has value. I certainly know what it’s like getting tired of looking at scribbles and finally recycling (ripping can feel good 🙂


  2. Journal writing can be filled with many moments of immersion into ‘salty waters’ trying to flow towards ‘ephemeral light.’ It can also be very therapeutic towards healing the scars that scream for attention. Nicely written, Janice. ❤

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  3. Wonderful, Janice! Reminds me of all my scrawling in my many diaries and notebooks over the years, particularly when younger when emotions ran so wild. Now all safely stored away…still pondering what to do with them all.


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