Fire star

At night we trace stars

for predictions of fate, as

we orbit the sun.

Basking in solar rays, we

crave its riches buried deep.

©2016 ontheland

The thoughts in this poem (tanka) were inspired by words attributed to Neil de Grasse Tyson:

Aliens might be surprised to learn that in a cosmos w/ limitless starlight, humans kill for energy source buried in the sand. 

Source: quoted and attributed to Neil de Grasse Tyson, American astrophysicist in “Rays of solar hope among fossil clouds of gloom” by Jeremy Miller, in Resurgence & Ecologist, Issue 291,  July/August 2015

Also in response to Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Poetry Prompt Challenge #11: ‘stars’ and ‘fate’.

8 thoughts on “Fire star

  1. This is totally beautiful and at the same time scary. I fear with the political climate the entire world is in no one will realize until it is too late how they have raped the planet for one thing… money. Well done, Janice. I’m so glad to see you here! ❤

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    1. Thank you Colleen. Yes there have been a lot of discouraging events lately. In Canada we just had two pipeline projects approved, but there was a third that wasn’t. If only governments could embrace the long term value of energy sourced directly from above.

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