Unsettling moon

What kind of supermoon did you see on Monday night?  At first I saw only sprays of light from behind dark clouds. Finally, after midnight, the moon emerged.  The vision I had was disconcerting:

Peering moon

from pink cloud depths

eyeball gleams

©2016 ontheland

18 thoughts on “Unsettling moon

  1. I only saw the moon for a brief while too. Here the clouds parted to reveal a huge hazy moon just on dusk. The clouds around it were wispy grey and soft gold green. It was astonishingly beautiful. I have seen the moon as disconcerting though sometimes too.

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  2. Yikes–that’s a nightmare vision! I couldn’t see the moon Monday night because it was too cloudy. I saw it early in the morning of that day when it was so bright I could see it through the bathroom shade.

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