Supermoon on Monday November 14

Luna swings by close,

monthly perigee peaking,

surges felt below.

©2016 ontheland

Moon event:  On Monday the moon will  be a supermoon, larger and brighter than it has been for almost 70 years. The moon is not inflating (obviously), but it appears bigger when it is at the closest point (perigee) of its earth orbit and this month, closer and bigger than usual.  The next time the moon will swing by so close will be in 2034 — the last time was in 1948.

The moon affects tides and it is said to influence human behavior as well,  manifesting as lunacy and spiritual enlightenment.  Let’s hope for much enlightenment.

I’m linking this post to TJ’s Household Haiku.  The prompt is ‘peeking’ and I’m hoping my homonym, ‘peaking’, is within its scope.

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