Be a Helper and Rise

If you are like me you may be struggling under the weight of the United States Election results. These words from Merril D. Smith offer humour, hope, and determination to continue being the world we believe in.

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings


By KUHT [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

So the election has taken place, and the orange creature has been elected. HRC and President Obama reminded us of the rule of law in their gracious speeches. They reminded us to go high when DT has run a campaign based on lies and hatred, a campaign that has consistently gone low. They have been gracious in defeat, even though DT threatened not to accept the election results, if the vote had gone the other way. We’ve had eight years of class, intelligence, and caring, and it will take time to accept that many of my fellow Americans have chosen the opposite. It does not help when I see a ranting post by a Trump supporter (filled with factual and grammatical errors) saying everyone who voted for HRC should be put in jail. It only makes me think that I was correct in my…

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8 thoughts on “Be a Helper and Rise

  1. We may well be miles away over that big pond….but most of us here know exactly what you are feeling. It is not so much who’s won, but who are all these folk who hate so much…..and yes, you do look more closely and with some concerns when you meet strangers in the street. Very sad world.

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    1. Yes the world is a confusing scary place. I am particularly concerned when ‘leaders’ incite violence, target groups and distract from valid sources of discontent. I also shudder when there is talk that ignores constitutional principles and when there are proposals to repeal laws that enshrine protection and respect.

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