As ink dries

My first pen


 a disposable

plastic cartridge

filled with ink.

An abandoned

inkwell hole

gaped at the

right front corner

of each school desk.

My father’s


dip pen


in a drawer.

I wonder 

if children

of the future

will have


©2016, Ontheland

2 thoughts on “As ink dries

  1. I wouldn’t worry about a pencil, they will not be able to read cursive writing. I had one young man ask me what language I was writing in. I looked at him with shock on my face, “English of course”, I replied.
    “I can’t read that kind of writing, we never learned it”. I could not believe what I was hearing.
    “Are you kidding me”!!! I said.
    “My nine year old granddaughter can read cursive writing”.
    “Well we were never taught it in school”.
    I guess my note books will be considered hieroglyphics a hundred years from now.
    They won’t even know what a fountain pen is. How sad is that….I wonder how they will sign a legal document? Will they print their name or just type it, then check a box stating it is truly them.
    How will the be able to read all of the documents our forefathers wrote when this country was started.
    Soon I will be able to use cursive writing as a code. :o)


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