Faded memories

Drowning inexplicably

heard but ignored


Burning in brick

searing flesh


Splashed with oil

a water child


Speaking through wood

passionate obsession

to lift sound.


by superior presumptions

close but distinct.

Ash lifts with the wind

specks of dust fall

traces remain.

©2016, ontheland.wordpress.com


7 thoughts on “Faded memories

    1. Yes there is much room for personal interpretation on a meaning or feeling level. I could say that the three-line memories are brief because they are faded and that is the case–though I do hold more within. The impetus for putting it down was the realization that early experiences that once had enormous weight now seem very faint…almost gone.

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  1. The past always lingers in some form. Nature of memories. I’ve learned, in my elderly years, how to sort out what I want to hold onto and let the rest go. Wonderful poetry, Janice. ❤

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