First snowfall

Stealthy ice crystals

flow from above in silence,

powder-dusted green

  evokes annual surprise—

onlookers gasp: “It’s snowing!”

It’s still October and we had our first snowfall.  It probably will melt soon, but the first snowfall always feels like a momentous event.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to see snow for the first time ever—for a person who didn’t grow up with snow.


17 thoughts on “First snowfall

  1. Two years ago we all went back up to New York to spend Christmas with my son’s and their families. My grand daughter had never seen snow falling out of the sky. All she kept saying is; “Look Nonni the snow is coming down from heaven”. She loved it and can’t wait to go back again. She told my son when she graduates university (years from now) she is coming back to live with him and Aunt Lori. He picked her up and hugged her and told her he can’t wait.
    I of course could not wait to get back to Florida. My goodness everyone up there keeps their thermostats at 70o. I had to wear a sweater to bed. I was born in New York and lived there for 49 years but living for the past twenty or so years in Florida has been delightful. I only miss snow on Christmas day, I’m good after that. :o)

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    1. Even though I am not in a rush to deal with snow that stays there is a certain wonder I feel when I look out and see the first flakes coming down…and later on a fresh heavy snowfall that stays is beautiful too even though it means slippery roads, brushing off the car, and so on. As expected we are back to autumn conditions again giving us more time to tuck in the garden and tidy up for winter.


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