In my dream

last leaves curled brown

and spoke

 400 parts per million… 

 hot sparks fly

from an unstoppable train

lifting dust spirals

 clogging brake lines.

somber suited heads 

sign treaties

ponder mercury advances

equatorial forests drying

salt waters rising…

tomorrow is now.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently announced that for 2015 the average concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was  400 ppm (parts per million), a new high and well beyond 350 ppm, the safe level recommended by James Hansen and other scientists.

My poem is a quadrille in response to WMO’s news and dVerse Quadrille #19.

©2016 ontheland.wordpress.com

22 thoughts on “400

    1. When production slows so do carbon emissions or at least the rate of increase so in that respect a recession might not be a bad thing. I’m no economist but growth and more growth is really unsustainable…..thanks for your comment…whether serious or with a wink 🙂


    1. Thanks Dorna … I was going to evade the tragedy part but it’s true— people and wildlife are already suffering (or dead) because of climate change. Climate change isn’t a tomorrow issue.


    1. Yes the knowledge is out there as to what is happening to earth’s atmosphere, oceans, polar ice, weather systems and the ways we have created these changes…for me belief enters the picture when we believe in our ability to make changes and that is possibly what you meant but I just wanted to clarify. Thanks for reading 🙂


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