slather fluff

you of cool blood

milking sordid seas…

I have

but me

and a raw bare gown.

It’s the weekend and time to play with the magnets—a different way to make poetry.  Last week I said it’s like scrabble—except you play with word tiles instead of letter tiles. Tonight I’ll add that it reminds me of found poetry where the words you use originate from a newspaper clipping, page of a book, or other source.  Visit Magnetic Poetry Online or delve deeper into the virtual refrigerator world at Specks and Fragments.

©2016 ontheland.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on “Fluff

  1. Thanks for reading it Denis. There is a nature collection of words, but I’ve been trying what they call the ‘Original Kit’ to stretch myself a bit.


  2. An interesting observation Merril! When I wrote it (or arranged it) I had one thought in mind; my partner read a totally different one; and now from your comment I see a third one emerging!


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