Riversong soliloquy


wind blown from autumn trees

a stream of gold

(© Jane Reichhold)

leaf petal poems scatter

as barren branches shiver.


dark mirrors glimmer,

rushes echo sumac rust,

leaf chorus rising.


caw-caw caw-caw crows calling

where have all the songbirds gone?


relentless downpour,

mushroom spores hide in damp rot,

cones rise like magic.


grasses shimmer green raindrops,

sun-scorched browns now orange bronze.


last dandelions—

parachutes of hope for a

spring generation.


swirling wind dancers fly up

falling to their earthly rest.


Jane Reichhold’s haiku is so beautiful, I just had to try a Soliloquy no Renga response as suggested by Chevrefeuille in Carpe Diem Universal Jane #3: ‘Riversong’.  It was pouring rain today so that influenced my response.

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