First frost Thanksgiving morning

First frost came last night,

Collards, spinach, and onions

snug under cover,

I feel chilly window breeze,

lifting soft chickadee song.


Happy Canada Thanksgiving Day!  Today I tried out some tanka tips from Carpe Diem:

Waka … an ancient but beautiful poetry form from which the Tanka derived. Tanka is a short poem with five lines following the syllables count 5-7-5-7-7 (or in Japanese sounds, onji) and mostly the first part (say the “haiku” part) brings up a scene, but by putting the second part (say the “response” part) towards it that scene changes. The “pivot” of the tanka is the third line mostly. Tanka is a nice form to work with and as you know next month November 2016 we will have a Tanka month here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai created around “Teika’s Ten Tanka Writing Techniques”.

12 thoughts on “First frost Thanksgiving morning

    1. Thanks Vashti 🙂 we probably hear more about your Thanksgiving than you do about ours…there are undoubtedly historical reasons for the different dates but it also makes sense, thinking about the higher temperatures (on average) in the States, to celebrate harvest later…(?)

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