New moon

Invisible moon

potent seed rests in darkness

a new moon hiding

soon to swell and gather force—

darkness stores hope for bounty.

On Friday night a New moon rose—a ‘Black Moon’ as it was the second new moon in September.  Double new moons are a rarity—the last pair in one month was in March 2014 and the next one will be in July 2019.  All this to say: I don’t usually pay attention to New moons as they are invisible—news of the Black Moon attracted my attention to the invisible beginning of another moon cycle.

My tanka is also in response to Silver’s Weekly Tanka Poetry Prompt Challenge #1: ‘harvest’ and ‘moon’.  This is an exciting new challenge hosted by Colleen Chesebro of Silver Threading on Tuesdays. For ‘harvest’ I used synonyms: ‘gather’ and ‘bounty’.

© 2016,

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13 thoughts on “New moon

  1. Janice, your words were breathtaking! I am so happy to see you here. The moons affect us in so many ways. I didn’t know about the “black moon.” How interesting. It might explain the craziness of our American politics. But then, maybe not! LOL! ❤


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