Limestone tower endures

Shoal Tower, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Drawn by the water reflection, I took this photo last year from the docks of Confederation Basin Marina in downtown Kingston.  I have since learned that this is a Martello tower, one of four built along the St Lawrence River, to defend Kingston and the entrance to the Rideau Canal leading to the capital city (Ottawa).  Back in 1847 there were still border tensions. Martellos were small armed forts built by the British to defend their interests around the world.  Pointed roofs were not typical but were added to Canadian towers for snow protection.

Limestone construction is a common sight in Kingston, a city steeped in history.  Needless to say, Shoal Tower is a National Historic Site.

of another time

cannon house remains

a haunting presence

life flows on

in presence of the past


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22 thoughts on “Limestone tower endures

  1. I only came across a martello once, in Ireland. but didn’t get close enough for a good photo. The locals told me they were built in defense of Napoleon. Obviously it worked, because he never landed there! 😉

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    1. A tower would be an interesting place to live in especially with the usual flat roof as a sky viewing area. Unfortunately the one in my photo is opened for viewing only one day each year.


    1. Never really thought about the slope of roofs before…flat is rare around here too. Apparently the Martello tower snow roofs were removable as that was where their cannon was placed.


  2. Yur haiku fir the tower well. I’m pretty sure I’ve been inside the building. I was in Kingston a couple of times in the mid-80s for dive charters, and then again while vacationing at a cottage in Cape Vincent, NY, in 2004. I have a photo of the tower taken with my first digital camera.

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      1. :)) perhaps the second one is at Fort Henry or another one to the west…there are actually four …haven’t done the tourist thing since I moved out here, but will probably check everything out over time.

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