A second spring

Mullein flower tips

golden tips

August dew ushers

second spring


I spotted these flowering Mullein tips this morning.  From a distance they look like a splash of gold.  It has felt like a second spring around here lately.  Sprouts of green grass are emerging from the brown carpet, small flowers are blooming where growth  had halted in the dry heat, and seeds I recently planted are sending up shoots.  Just a few rains have helped, and my personal theory is that cooler nights releasing moisture from the hot daytime air make a big difference for plants.  Our mornings are very dewy.

Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016 I’m linking to TJ’s Household Haiku: Gold.  TJ Paris, host of this weekly event, provides an open-ended haiku prompt including a word and photo.  This week’s photo is a beautiful golden canola field in Australia.  Everyone is welcome to join in.

TJ Paris is also founder and facilitator of the new Haiku Hub, a community of bloggers who enjoy writing and reading haiku.

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