Summer heat


Hydro bill rising

Thirty-five degrees outside

Towels dry quickly

As the heat soared and air conditioners chugged, I gained a whole new appreciation for drying racks.  Never mind that the plastic joints snapped exhibiting their shoddy quality, they line up and support each other with the help of some garden wire.  In summer heat towels are bone dry in a matter of hours.  No need for a dryer—gotta like that.


10 thoughts on “Summer heat

      1. Yes it does. I was thinking that even out in the country sometimes I smell diesel from farm machinery…not so pleasant but fortunately not so prevalent that it gets into my laundry.

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  1. Like this Jancie and yep, nothing like air dried towels and clothing. In the winter have to trudge to the garage to use the tumble drier! However I found in America so many wanted ‘fluffy’ towels that even in the heat of summer they were never hung out!

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    1. Yes towels are drier, stiff even when you don’t use softener but I actually don’t mind. They feel cleaner and are much more absorbent. Clothes feel crisp and clean as well.

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    1. Yes it isn’t much for many people…and that was the ‘feels like’ temperature. The weather network said it was ’26, feels like 35′. I have no idea how they come up with the distinction but the second number always feels right.

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