Morning weavers

Friday morning, when I looked out the window around 7 AM, the sun was shining.  When I got up around 8:30 and pulled the curtain open, I was in for a surprise: a white mist had descended.  I stepped out onto the front porch and there a huge spider’s web was suspended from the front railing across the porch for about three feet.  I tried to take a photo but there wasn’t enough contrast to highlight the gossamer web.  Then came the biggest surprise:  I stepped out into the front yard and there, a multitude of webs were suspended from the stalks of chicory plants.  I have never seen anything like this!

I tried to capture the event using my humble Iphone camera and wrote a haiku:





in morning mist

artisans weave

silken nets

My experience fits into the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Rare, an invitation to post ‘something that stands out from the everyday’.

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23 thoughts on “Morning weavers

  1. Amazing photos! You really have captured the beauty of the spider. Their expertise is brought to the forefront of my thoughts. I do not think any human could duplicate the beauty of the web. And, how lucky you are to live in such a rural area and be privy to such wonderful feats of nature. Well done!!!!

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  2. Amazing photos. It brings the abilities of the spider to the forefront of my mind, And, how lucky you are to live in such a rural area to be privy to the wonderful abilities of the spider. Although I get the creeps from spiders for some unknown reason. I do admire their beauty as well. Kudos!!!!

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    1. Thank you. The webs are nice to look at –preferably outside:) they are sticky if you come into contact. I’ve been thinking that there are probably more webs about than I realized until that morning when they were visible in the mist.


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