Moon when all things ripen—August 18, 2016

On the eve of August’s full moon I feel both happy and sad.  We have just over a month of summer left and with luck, two more months before the frost. Traditional native American names for August’s full moon include: Sturgeon Moon (historically a good time to catch sturgeon in the Great Lakes), Green Corn Moon, Wheat Cut Moon, Blueberry Moon, and Moon When All Things Ripen.

August is a time when crops such as corn, zucchini, cucumber, apples, eggplants, peppers and squash reach maturity.  The amount of bounty has dropped across Ontario, including my garden, due to a scarcity of rain.  However conditions vary from location to location and markets still display local produce.

Where I live, rain finally came over the last few days so I wrote a full moon tanka:

At last! rain drenched soil

Drooping leaves lift up, fruits swell

fresh flowers open.

Revived gardens come alive,

Hopes ripen on August moon.


This photo, sourced at Pixabay, shows how red peppers ripen from green to red. A few of my peppers–the ones not eaten by rabbits–have been turning red recently.  They are small, but tasty.

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15 thoughts on “Moon when all things ripen—August 18, 2016

      1. It is so easy to forget that natural world when we live in big cities and are (im-)planted in front of computer schemes. That is why we need the old memories so badly: to keep us in touch with a nature that we have abandoned and forgotten, in so many instances.

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    1. Thanks Denis. Yes I like the ripening name too…let’s hope it continues to be true for years to come. You missed my small ‘out take’ after the picture mentioning pixabay as the photo source. My ruby red smaller peppers are in the fridge and not in the mood for a photo shoot. I liked the pixabay picture as it shows a pepper in transition from green to red. Until I grew bell peppers I wasn’t aware that green peppers become red peppers if left on the plant long enough to ripen further 🙂


  1. Lovely tanka, Janice. The ground here needs some drenching. I love how there are all these names to the different moons. As for peppers this year I’m trying to grow some chilli peppers for the first time – hints of them visible at last!

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