in cool shade

hot pavement steps away

I gaze up and hope

Yesterday I was drawn to stop on a county road to search for purple flowers that I have been seeing along roadways.  The coolness was a pleasant relief–though the ground was bone dry and there were signs of dead leaves and grass starved for moisture.  I love looking up into a forest canopy dappled by sunlight.  So I directed my camera upwards to share the experience.

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #109: hope & up

©2016, all rights reserved by ontheland.wordpress.com

11 thoughts on “Woods

      1. The heat wave this summer is hard to endure at times. I noticed some trees in this area are turning yellow due to lack of rain. Sad! Glad you found a respite in nature.

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      2. The heat wears me down…not a fan at all. And there are trees losing leaves here and some looking dead…it is sad. Hoping for a thunderstorm tonight…hoping once again…

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