Cacophony at my tail

‘In the Rain’ by Franz Marc, 1912: German artist, 1880-1916

A jungle of cacophony is at my tail,

Slanting rain and hot shards pursue me,

Droplets splinter and slide down my coat.


I shiver memories of jaded desires,

Anger, regret and faded battles,

Deep sorrow and loneliness grip my throat.


Though discord rises I move forward,

Inhaling the mist, my tail held high,

Treading onward, motion holds me afloat.


And sonorous bird song charms my ears,

Warm cedar scents tickle my nostrils,

Night breezes paint clouds with rosy notes.


On four gentle paws I tread the earth softly,

A jungle of cacophony at my tail.

In response to Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #41: In the Rain.

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