Tribute to July Full Moon on Tuesday July 19

The moon will be completely full tomorrow night.   July Full Moon is known as Thunder Moon or Buck Moon according to Native North American traditions.  Buck Moon relates to bucks growing new antlers in July—an event I haven’t had the fortune to witness.  Thunder Moon of course reflects the frequent rumblings and flashes of lightning at this time of year.  Where I live (Ontario, Canada) threatening black clouds have been a common sight:


Other features of July  are recognized in other full moon names:  Rose Moon, Hot Moon (on average July is the hottest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere), and Hay Moon (hay is cut and harvested after dry summer days).


 To conclude, a July poem:


flashes thunder,

rolls of hay, ice cream days,

dripping heat, childhood memories,


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15 thoughts on “Tribute to July Full Moon on Tuesday July 19

  1. We’re expecting a “thunder moon” tomorrow night, so I don’t know if we’ll actually see that it’s full. 🙂
    I love the photos–the top one of the clouds is stunning, and the bottom one looks like a painting–maybe something by Wyeth? Your poem is a great summary of July.

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    1. Thank you Merril. I had a chuckle about your invisible version of a thunder moon…here the sky is clear and looking quite full tonight already…I wish we could get a good downpour…they keep forecasting but it doesn’t happen.


    1. Unfortunately we’ve been getting more thunder and clouds than actual rain–drought-like conditions…I’m hoping for a huge downpour one of these days.


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