At dawn open chicory blooms

banish my gloom—

their haze of blue,

light purple hues!

Once I was a morning flower,

early hours

were my domain,

when youth did reign.

Now when I waken feeling down,

to lift my frown

I look, listen,

feel the glisten.



My poem is in response to Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #38: Daybreak.  The  form this week is a Minute poem with daybreak as the theme and this painting by Heinrich Vogeler Sehnsucht as inspiration.



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10 thoughts on “Daybreak

    1. Their colour is nice. Chicory stalks aren’t highly attractive when the flowers are closed but when they open there is misty purple blue effect.


      1. They are hardy plants for sure. The yard in front of our house is actually a field–never sodded except perhaps a few yards immediately next to the house. This year I let bunches of chicory grow instead of mowing them down…to enjoy their colour….but they don’t belong in your roses!


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