Rainbow without a storm

Yesterday I looked up while working in my garden and was surprised to see a rainbow.  We were expecting rain, but only a few tentative drops had fallen—in the end there was no rainstorm that evening.  There is probably a scientific explanation for the rainbow, having to do with high humidity and rainfall not far away,  but I prefer to remain mystified, feeling that something special happened: a rainbow without a storm.


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18 thoughts on “Rainbow without a storm

    1. The last few days we seem to be on standby for rain, thunder and lightning that doesn’t come…my plants would like some water but at least we got a rainbow 🙂


    1. I’m guessing it’s rainbow season with all the thunderstorms we’re having…which makes me think of the imagery in your beautiful post I just read…besides literal thunderstorms the recent thunder of guns has been on our minds and perhaps the only shred of good is when rainbows of love prevail and strengthen in the aftermath. And even in the absence of a storm rainbows are there (I really like your idea of rainbows of love)

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