Summer vacation memories

imageThis week’s theme for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge is summer fun.  I have already posted a haiku about sitting in the shade, writing and sipping an iced beverage.  However, I am realizing that my best experience of summer fun comes from childhood.  I’ve had fun camping and attending music festivals, but nothing really tops the excitement of our three-week family summer holidays.  Perhaps I am romanticizing, but there is an essence that I hold… the pure joy of playing in and on a lake all day, and then at night swinging under a tree or sitting on a dock listening to the water.

My family is not sporty, but where we stayed there were water-skiing enthusiasts who believed everybody could water-ski…I learned how, without any fancy tricks and loved the feeling:

flying in the wind

over shimmering glass

summer fun

The only downside of water-skiing was the water pollution caused by the boat engine. As I progressed into my teens I started to feel uneasy about this.  Now I favor canoes, kayaks and rowboats.  Here is a picture of me at about age 12 in a rowboat on one of our summer holidays:


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13 thoughts on “Summer vacation memories

  1. Thanks Denis…it’s a strong memory. HaHa about the sharks comment (referencing our previous conversation) fortunately our fresh water lakes are free of snapping jaws 🙂


  2. I love this haiku, Janice, capturing the feeling of freedom and magic on the water. It’s odd isn’t it how childhood memories are the strongest for summer fun – is that because it was a time without worries and responsibilities? Lovely photo of you rowing; you look so happy and at peace.

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    1. Thanks Annika. I was thinking about why the summer childhood memories stand out so much too and I came to the same conclusion…probably because it was pure play with none of the adult concerns that were involved later on. Plus the magic of first experiences…

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