Summer fun in the shade


Sipping iced coffee,

Haiku-ing in the shade,

Composing sniglets.

I get outside in the sun to garden, but there is an exquisite pleasure in relaxing with an iced beverage in the shade.  Haiku-ing is a verb I invented for writing haiku—it’s a sniglet, a made-up word that you won’t find in the dictionary.  I learned about sniglets today—if you think about it, many of us make up words all the time.  That’s how new words come into being and when a new word is very widely used, it may be added to a dictionary.  Here are some sniglets:

  • Glamping—I didn’t make this one up.  It’s used when referring to the new luxury camping trend.  Tent and other supplies are set up and campers only have to drive into the campsite.
  • Mostickphobia—a fear of mosquitoes and ticks.  Mosquito bites can give you West Nile Virus and tick bites can lead to Lyme disease.  Last year I went to the doctor twice to get preventative antibiotics for tick bites.  Since then I have covered up meticulously when outside…unfortunately I have become a bit antsy or perhaps ‘ticky’, feeling things crawling on me.
  • Choppy-ripple—a type of water surface in-between choppy and a soft ripple, an observation I made years ago while water skiing.

I would be very interested in hearing about your sniglets!


This post originated from wanting to incorporate ‘summer’ and ‘fun’ into a haiku for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #103.  You’ll find links to many more haiku about summer fun at RonovanWrites.

8 thoughts on “Summer fun in the shade

  1. I love your haiku, Janice. I could just picture you sitting in your garden sipping your iced-coffee. I like your sniglet. I hope you don’t mind if I use it from time to time. I’ve heard and used Glamping but the other sniglets are new to me. Cool post!

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    1. Thanks Vashti 🙂 Sniglets are fun to reuse on our blogs. I’d like to think of a new word for Sniglets. After doing the post I realized how ‘sniglet ‘ is connected to comedy (snigger)–the word and a mini trend around it originated in the 70’s (according to Wikipedia)…for me inventing words is usually about being expressive, not necessarily witty.

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