Drowning leaf


The light is gone, blue skies turned gray,

I slowly sink in tohubohu,

drowning in my sad confusion.


My colour fades, I waste away

mourning my so brilliant hue,

was it real or mere illusion?


In my leaf life I seized each day,

lived the sky, though down deep I knew,

North winds promised this conclusion.


I tossed in hope, kept lightness in play,

bargained with each cold wind that blew,

flutter-danced with blind collusion.


And now I rest, my dance is done,

I surrender, my story’s spun.

In response to Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #36: Drowning Leaves.

Jane provided the image, the first four words, and an invitation to attempt a trilonnet poem with rhyming scheme abc abc abc abc dd.  At first I wasn’t prepared to ‘go there’–after all it’s summer with sun and foliage to enjoy. But then a down moment arrived and at the same time I coincidentally discovered the word ‘tohubohu’.  It means chaos, disorder, confusion, and emptiness–originating from a Hebrew word used in the Book of Genesis.

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