Daisies celebrate Ontheland’s First Anniversary—June 11, 2016


On June 11 last year I posted ‘How does my garden grow?’, my first Ontheland post since May 2011. This last year of blogging has been an amazing journey. Without too much fanfare I would like to mark Ontheland’s first blog birthday with appreciation and thanks.  Thank you to everyone who has read, liked, followed and commented here over the past year.  I have also enjoyed reading and being inspired by other blogs.   Witnessing the thoughts, creativity, and talents of others has been invaluable.

Some history:  technically, Ontheland was born in September 2010–for 8 months I wrote and posted articles, but had no understanding of the interactive aspect of blogging. No wonder my energy petered out!   Last summer, four years later, with my mind protesting ‘I don’t have time’, I registered for Blogging 101.  That’s when the penny dropped…after interacting in a course community I emerged ready to read and be read.  That’s why June 11, 2015 will be Ontheland’s official ‘date of birth’.


The flowers I have chosen to mark this day are wild daisies. Why? Wildflowers come and go over the course of spring and summer.  Daisies are currently in bloom around my house–I took these photos yesterday.  Getting to know and appreciate the natural cycles of growth around me is one of my many interests.

Daisies are thought of as a simple, unsophisticated flower. According to a few internet sources they symbolize  values such as innocence, gentleness, purity and beauty.  Purity and simplicity are themes of this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge.  I have met many compatible bloggers through this weekly challenge and other blogging community events–particularly Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge and Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge.


30 thoughts on “Daisies celebrate Ontheland’s First Anniversary—June 11, 2016

    1. I am happy that you share my interest in ecology. A few ideas are currently cooking. I am pacing myself as I don’t want to burn out both blogging in general and with the emotionally laden environment topic. I enjoy your blog very much as well as your caring about the world is quite evident.

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    1. Thanks Denis. I noticed the lack of a poem and thought maybe that’ll be something for next year. Honestly a poem wasn’t bursting to be written…


  1. Congratulations! Like you, I started a blog with no real idea of the reality of actually blogging. Blogging 101 helped a lot, if some aspects of it intimidated me and I’m still not quite ready to make the commitments that some of the assignments would entail. It’s nice to find a balance between creating the blog you want to visit and one that is driven by the statistics page!

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    1. Thank you! For me it’s been a bit of a balancing act between focus and just allowing myself to write and participate as I feel the urge. Time also enters the picture as I imagine it does for all of us…i want to live fully–with blogging as part of that (ie as a balanced part of a larger picture)–and the Statistics page? I see the graph and try to ignore it 🙂

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      1. I had to learn to block it out in order to actually enjoy the process. Plus, I have a two year old and another due this month- so the blogging has to be a peaceful, affirmative experience for me to keep putting my limited “me time” into it. However, I love times when my daughter climbs on to my lap and instead of being frustrated with her, I can just turn my screen around and encourage her to look at pictures of nature with me, etc.

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  2. That’s great 🙂 Happy first year of blogging Anniversary. glad to follow your blog and I learnt a lot of things from this blog about environment and to know a wonderful human being behind the blog 🙂 Wish you more success.

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  3. What a lovely post. It is so refreshing to read about other people’s faltering introduction to blogging.
    I’m so glad you have found your blogging feet and are celebrating your anniversary! Congratulations x

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