Monday photo stroll

With Monday morning haiku prompts words in my head, I went for a stroll with my camera.  Here is what I came up with:


Dogwood flower top

clusters reach into the light,

dark storm clouds hover.



Tendrils catching light,

adorn juniper treetops,

cedar-apple rust.

I felt a bit foolish when I discovered that the fascinating orange flowers suddenly appearing on the junipers around my house are a type of fungus. On Sunday I had been convinced that they were part of the trees’ mysterious reproductive cycle.  Not so says my internet source.  It’s a type of fungus that spends half of its life cycle on cedars, sending its spores to apple and hawthorn trees for its final chapter.  Fortunately there are no apple trees nearby.

Many thanks to Ronovan for his haiku prompt words: ‘top’ and ‘light’. This is the 100th week of his very successful poetry prompt challenge.  Please visit his site to learn how to take part or to find pingbacks to other haiku responses.

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10 thoughts on “Monday photo stroll

    1. It’s funny–at first the fungus flowers look attractive but very quickly they lose their shape and become a gelatinous goo. ..and of course if you know the damage they can cause, they will be ominous (I ‘m inexperienced in that department…I think they have a several mile spore distribution range)


    1. Thank you Denis. For haiku people are good at creating images or scenes from their imaginations and memories…but I get the most enjoyment and inspiration when recording a moment…


    1. Yes, I hadn’t heard of such a fungus before either–the first day it looked like a flower but after that they seemed to lose definition and become blob like. I think there is something about the word ‘fungus’ that makes people shudder a bit 🙂

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