End of May garden visit

Welcome to my vegetable garden.  Last year I posted photos at the end of each month and found the process quite rewarding.  It’s amazing to see the changes every 30 days. For a slideshow method of viewing just click on a photo; captions pop up when  you hover over the bottom of a photo.  I close with a haiku after the photo gallery.

Bare teepee trellis,

hope soars above barren earth,

buried seeds awake.

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15 thoughts on “End of May garden visit

  1. Bull’s blood beets? I’ve never heard of those before but they look as they’ll become mighty…delicious. Great idea about the time lag photographs and a joy to watch yours and nature’s creation develop. It worked well with the slide show, thank you. Love the haiku too – definitely hope soaring.

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    1. Thank you for taking the tour Annika. Bull’s blood beets is quite a dramatic name isn’t it. They are a heirloom variety apparently grown for their leaves as much as their roots. I snip leaves off occasionally but mostly leave them alone until I harvest the beets (hopefully).

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    1. Yes hope and wonder are joys of gardening. You can try to tend to a garden’s needs but ultimately the results are way beyond your control. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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    1. I enjoy seeing the changes. There is/was a blogger in the UK I believe who does an end of the month view gardening event. I got the idea from her…though my focus is veggies, herbs and companions.


      1. Thanks for responding, Janice. I’m still having difficulties with comments being sent to spam, so it’s good to see yours posted. ❤ Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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