Spring blooms fade

My small collection of spring bulbs started blooming in early May. Now, barely a month later, only late bloomers remain. I wrote this haiku using the prompt words ‘flag’ and ‘fallen’ for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #99:

Faithful flags of spring,

rainbow bulb blooms soon become

lost fallen petals.

May 5
May 21
May 21


May 30
May 30

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24 thoughts on “Spring blooms fade

    1. Yes spring does pass quickly though technically it’s still spring– it already feels like mid-summer (can’t say I ‘m complaining but we have had lots of heat and very little rain)


  1. Spring offers folks a mixed bag of feelings.When I was a youngster I used to grow crocuses. It was fun to watch them bloom so early in the season and sad to know that they would be the the first flower to disappear way before the other flowers bloomed.They were always a colorful vanguard for the season. Enjoy the day. 🙂

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