Take me home–Let me stay

Лунная ночь. Большая дорога

Many a time I’ve come this way,

Tonight I hope you’ll let me stay,

I’ve struggled hard and done my best,

Country road take me home to rest.


Trodding between swaying maples

I recall our strife last April,

When secrets gnawed my weary chest,

Country road take me home to rest.


Though shadows cross my lonely path,

I’m not wary nor filled with wrath,

I have changed, with love I’m now blessed

Country road take me home to rest.


My heart wakens in full moonlight,

Worries melt as stars spark the night,

My tread is bold, I know my quest,

Country road take me home to rest.

This is a Kyrielle in response to Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #32.  Jane suggested the form; and offered the Russian painting as a prompt, together with prompt words:  Moonlight, Tread, Wary, Secret, Swaying.

©2016, All rights reserved by Ontheland.wordpress.com

16 thoughts on “Take me home–Let me stay

    1. Yes, the refrain was borrowed from that 🙂 I suspect the similarity might stop there (don’t really know the full lyrics) Maybe I’ll take a look.


      1. I like the country road image –along with treading in the moonlight. I have always found that walking allows thoughts and feelings to come up and process.


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