Message in a Bottle

Everything has a destination.

Concoctions meander

from sink

to sewer, septic bed,

groundwater seeping,

rivers flowing,

ocean  bound.


Accidental spills,

trucks, trains,

ships at sea–

debris travels far,

spins in silver spray,

Flotsam lands

on remote beaches.


Plastic bags fly,

flap in treetops,

huddle in long grasses,


 out to sea.




hang suspended

in placid ocean pools,

Currents swirl

soups of plastic.


Molten sand,

blown to glass,

filled with wine,

tossed from cruise liners,

washed up on beaches

or buried ocean deep.


We all forget,

Life in a human world,

an ethereal fantasy,

plastic, glass, metal, chemicals

used and discarded,

to disappear,


Everything has a destination.

Marine debris on Hawaiian Coast–Public Domain

My thoughts emerged as I contemplated the photo prompt for Jane Dougherty Poetry Challenge #31:  Message in a Bottle. The prompt photo shows a bottle with a message scroll inside, lying on an ocean shore. Optional prompt words are: Ethereal, Placid, Meander, Forget, Silver.

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20 thoughts on “Message in a Bottle

  1. What an eye-opening visual, Janice. I saw a documentary over a year ago describing such debris on the coast of British Columbia from the tsunami in Japan. It was shocking.


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