Seagulls–Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge


Drifting by the shore

as if enchanted, gliding

gulls, flashing whitecaps.


Sky magic sparkles,

Gulls soar and glide on the wind,

capturing sunlight.


Haiku inspired by gulls showing off by Lake Ontario and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #97.   The prompt words are Magic (enchanted) and Glimmer (sparkles, flashing).

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14 thoughts on “Seagulls–Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

  1. I live your haiku Janice. Nice interpretation if prompts and lucky seagulls getting a look in with their own poem. They’re so ‘common’ it’s easy to be blind to their beauty. I was actually watching 2 soar through the crowds in a covered railway terminal this afternoon. Among the dark suited, serious commuters, they stood out for their freedom and playfulness.

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    1. I read your corrective note before your main one … at first I thought you were making a mysterious comment over my head :)–then I got it–correction features drive me nuts too (though handy at times)…anyway — seagulls are common -yet as you say they do have their beauty–the scene I saw the other day was perfect for attempting photos as they were skimming through drafts near the shore on a very windy day.

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    1. Thanks Denis… I took the photos about a week ago and was looking for a posting opportunity. I was thrilled that they were flying relatively low so close to shore.


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